Direct Marketing triggers response.

Reach the right customers with the right message at precisely the right time with direct marketing solutions that include SMS/text messaging, email, postcards and yellow letter direct mail.

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What is Direct Marketing?

Using carefully analyzed data, specifically target customers and prospects directly based on geographic, demographic and behavior criteria using email, direct mail and SMS/text messaging with the objective of generating a response that becomes a lead or a sale.


Your database drives the strategy for your campaign.  Build your own list using compelling lead magnets and specialized offers.


Craft your headline, offer, and copy that speaks your customer's language and gives them a compelling reason to respond.


Reach your customers using direct mail, email or SMS/text messaging. Personalize your content with variable data.

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Generate sales leads and revenue as your customers respond.  Use analytics tools to measure response, compare results and optimize the model.

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Target Marketing.

Geographic, Demographic and Behavior-Driven Pinpoint Marketing.

Transform your customer data into engaged clients and rich revenue streams.

  • Segment Your Database to Target the Best Customers.

    Use surgical precision to tag, categorize and flag each record of your database so you can target the right customers with the right message.

  • Personalize with Variable Data.

    Communicate with each customer on a 1:1 basis. Build relationships by using your customer's name, information and custom content to make your message feel like a discussion with a good friend.

  • Multi-Channel to Reach Them in Preferred Media.

    Some customers prefer text, others email and some still want direct mail.  Discover the medium your customer prefers and reach them where you know they will receive your message and most likely respond.  Increase your success by reaching in multiple channels.

SMS, Text messaging, mobile

SMS/Text Messaging

Reach your customers instantly with an opt-in text message and a mobile coupon.  Open rates are near 90%. Drive business quickly as customers respond to 1-day sales.  Politely remind customers of appointments.

Email Marketing

Drip campaigns, monthly newsletters and special promotions are great reasons to foster good business relationships.  Reach your customers with email. We can help you build the list, design, automate and send your content, including automated sequences of emails.

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postcards, huge friggin' postcard, USPS


Reach your audience simply and easily. Choose from a range of sizes to maximize your impact including our Huge Friggin' Postcard which is the largest postcard legally allowed by the USPS.  We will design, print and mail it for you.

Yellow Letters

Handwritten, personalized letters in envelopes that look like a birthday card from Grandma.  These mailers are a pattern-interrupt from regular postcards and will get noticed and opened.  Yellow Letters are a favorite product for real estate and mortgage marketers.

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Laser Targeted Marketing.

Market exclusively to your own customer list or a targeted set of prospects that you define based on your specific criteria.

  • Better.  Personalize content and test various messages and offers to see which is performing best.

  • Cheaper.  Targeted lists just to your desired customers eliminates waste and saves you money.

  • Faster.  Get your message out instantly with SMS/Text and email campaigns.

What the Analysts Say

B2B and B2C marketers generate increasing response, leads and revenue using the power of direct marketing to target the right customers with the right message at just the right time.

Direct Mail has a Median 29% ROI

Data & Marketing Association

Direct mail gives you more bang for your buck than paid search and online display ads.

SMS/Text Messages have a 98% Open Rate


In fact, 90% are read within 3 seconds. As many as 45% reply to branded text messages.

760% Revenue Increase w/ Segmented Email 

Campaign Monitor

Product specific emails targeted to specific segments of your list product great results.

FREE Report: Increase Your Response Rate with 60-30-10 Rule. 

Include your name and email in the form below and we will send the report to you immediately. 

Direct Marketing.

Generate new revenue streams by intelligently target your best customers with personalized messaging in the marketing channel they prefer.

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