Marketing Automation so you can generate revenue more easily.

There are too many moving parts to try to execute your marketing manually.  We help you setup systems that attract, convert and nurture leads all the way through the selling process... automatically according to your plan.

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What is Marketing Automation?

Imagine targeting customers with automated messages across email, web, social and text...  all triggered automatically...  all sent according to a set of instructions you choose.

lead generation funnel

Lead Generation

Leads are automatically generated, qualified, nurtured and closed.  Get alerts to your device.

marketing automation infrastructure

Marketing Infrastructure

Funnels, forms, landing pages, emails, text messages, social posts, auto-responders, schedules, tags and work-flow sequences becomes valuable infrastructure.

marketing automation rules

Your Rules. Your Way.

Messages are sent automatically according to business rules that match how you do business.

marketing automation, event triggered

If A, then B.

Marketing triggered by customer behavior and your schedule.

Personalized, relevant marketing happens all day, every day, even while you take a vacation.

  • Send relevant email & SMS at scale.

    Messages are tailored to each customer based on their profile, creating personalized experiences efficiently and effectively.

  • Trigger social media posts on schedule.

    Evergreen social media posts automatically recycle based on specific rules for specific categories for your business.

  • Sell the right product at the right time automatically.

    User behavior triggers automatic tags that launch customers down different workflows leading to the purchase of products specific to their needs.

Automated Marketing Funnels

Generate and manage leads 24/7 with an automated marketing system that takes a customer from Attraction to Nurturing to Prioritization and ultimately to a Sale.

Automated Email and SMS

Reach the right customers with the right message at precisely the right time...  automatically based on your rules.  Create an auto-responder series for email and SMS text messages.

Automated Social Media

Grow your audience, keep your brand in front of your customers and attract new leads with an automated social media posting process that recycles evergreen content automatically.  Social media gurus suggest posting 1x/day to Facebook, 15-20x per day to Twitter, 1-2x/day to Instagram and 1x/day to LinkedIn.  How can you possibly do that manually and with fresh content each time?

Save Time.  Save Money.

Doing it manually doesn't work in today's economy.  We need a better way.  A way that is built on a system that you design and that works for you everytime, no matter what, like a bullet-proof machine.

  • Set It and Forget It.  No need to keep re-inventing the wheel.  Build the system and let it execute for you.

  • Review the Analytics.  Test various messages and offers to see which is performing best.  Identify opportunities for improvement.

  • Make a Few Tweaks.  Once you understand the areas that require improvement, it's easy to make a few adjustments to your automated marketing system.

What the Analysts Say

Businesses are realizing the power of marketing automation and getting tremendously improved results over manual operations.

+20% in Sales Opportunities

DemandGen Report

Leads nurtured through the marketing process produce, on average, a 20% increase in sales opportunities. 

+451% increase in Qualified Leads

The Annuitas Group

Businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects experience a 451% increase in qualified leads.

+14.5% in Sales Productivity

Nucleus Research

Marketing automation drives a 14.5% increase in sales productivity and a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead.

FREE Report: 7 Easy Ways to Automate Your Marketing.

Include your name and email in the form below and we will send the report to you immediately. 

Marketing Automation. Build the Infrastructure.  Enjoy the Results.

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