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Podcasting can Generate Revenue in a Multitude of Ways

Build your brand, target your market and share your message as a podcaster or advertiser.

Podcasting is surging in popularity.  But is it right for your business?  Perhaps the better question is: Can turn your podcast into a revenue generating business?


Whether you are a business or a personality, podcasting is a great platform to establish your authority and grow your brand.  A successful podcast will attract an audience by inspiring, educating and entertaining in a very narrow niche.  If your niche is underserved, then a great opportunity presents itself.


Forward thinking businesses will use podcasting as another marketing channel to reach target customers, generate leads, and sell products and services.  Podcasts that have built a significant audience can sell ads in their episodes. There are opportunities to generate more revenue with donations, subscriptions and much more. 


Our team can help you get started with podcasting or take your current podcast to the next level.

Podcast Success

Getting started with podcasting can seem overwhelming at first.  The technology can present a steep learning curve.  More importantly, your podcast niche must be chosen very carefully.  Your episodes need to be constructed with a specific strategy and your host must present the right personality and tone to attract an audience.  Need help?  We've got you. 

  • Podcast Coaching

    Develop your persona, grow your audience, and open up revenue generating opportunities.

  • Podcast Advertising

    Get your company’s message on niche podcasts targeted at your ideal customers.

  • Podcast Technical Services

    Get your your podcast up and running stress free with quality technology.

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Build your Brand, Audience and Revenue Stream

Some of our clients simply need an experience podcaster to talk to.  Why try figuring out on your own with trial and error when you can accelerate your success by working with an experienced podcaster?

Podcast Theme

What do you want to accomplish?  Who is your target audience?  We can guide you in choosing a niche focus and building a strategy for your podcast.

Being Persuasive

You are behind the microphone.  Now what?  We will help you showcase your authority and make your podcast episodes powerful and captivating.

Grow Your Audience

How can you increase your downloads, add subscribers and expand your message? Leverage both free organic and paid advertising strategies.

Generating Revenue

How do you transform your audience into revenue for your podcast or your brand in general? We will show you how to build a revenue stream. 


Target Your Niche

The world of podcasting and video streaming is growing rapidly and displacing traditional media. As a marketer this opens up fantastic opportunities to niche down and micro target your ideal customers that consume streaming media in narrow categories where they have a passionate interest.






Learn from Us

Our team is constantly experimenting with technology, guerilla marketing, social media, paid ads, episode formats, live remote broadcasts and much more.  Ask us.  We are happy to share our successes and failures.  You don’t need to re-invent the wheel.



Get Your Podcast Studio Up and Running Quickly

Getting started can be overwhelming.  Is there a good podcast starter package?  What about microphones, cameras, audio interfaces, hosting platforms, streaming platforms?  Relax.  We’ll explain it all and help you get started easily whether you are a small business or a large corporate brand.

Podcast Hardware and Software

Microphones, mixers, audio interfaces, cameras, lighting.  There are so many options!  How do you get setup quickly and inexpensively?  We’ll show you how. 

Podcast Audio Platforms

How do you get your audio to stream to iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher?  We’ll show you how it is done and recommend audio editing software to meet your needs.

Podcast Video Platforms

How can you integrate video into your podcast?  We have worked through many of the issues and can share with you an easy pathway to integrate video into your broadcast.

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