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How Yellow Letters Help You Generate More Leads

Get more inbound leads. Make your phone ring.

What sales person or business doesn't need more leads?  Yellow Letters are a great way to get customers calling you.

Everyone loves a handwritten note or letter.  The more personalized, the better.  When the letter arrives in the mail in a brightful colored envelope that looks like a birthday card from Grandma, you know it is going to get attention.  The open rate on Yellow Letters is sky high!

Realtors, real estate investors and mortgage lenders have known of the power of Yellow Letters to create leads.  Don't let them have this marketing secret all to themselves.  We'll show you how every business can use handwritten, personalized letters to win new customers.

Yellow Letters are easy to create and generate great response rates.

Sometimes you just can't reach your prospective customers with email or digital ads. Are you a real estate investor that wants to target homeowners that want to do a short sale?  Are you a realtor looking for listings?  Yellow Letters are a great way to reach them in a innovative and special way.

  • Take It Easy

    We are your one-stop shop for Yellow Letters.  Our team will design, copywrite, print, address, prepare your mailing for bulk entry and deliver the mail trays to USPS.  Don't lift a finger. We'll do it all.

  • Save Time & Money

    Your time is too valuable to do this yourself.  We have created a process that streamlines the production of Yellow Letters.  Our turn-around time is typically 1 week or less to print, address and mail your Yellow Letters.  Plus our pricing is very aggressive.

  • Make a Big Impact

    Yellow Letters are sure to be noticed and opened.  They arrive in an astrobright 6"x9.5" envelope with a "first class looking" stamp.  The envelope looks like a birthday card from Grandma.  Who can resist opening up such a piece.  Then the letter itself looks like a handwritten note on old school yellow ruled paper.  Wow!

Yellow Letter, portrait

Here's a great story about how our Yellow Letters fooled the US Postal Service. OMG!


When we first created this product and brought the trays of bulk mail to the post office, the USPS clerk in the Bulk Mail Entry Unit initially denied our mailing.  He said that handwritten letters are not eligible for bulk mail; they must be mailed first class.  Well, we designed these mailers to qualify for the lower bulk mail postage rates so we challenged the postal service clerk to look again.  He opened up a mail piece and was absolutely convinced these letters were all handwritten.  We tried to tell him we manufacture these on digital printers with an incredibly authentic handwritten font that makes them appear like a human wrote the letter.  He still didn't believe us.  So we told him to hold the letter up to the light and see if he could identify the indentation from the person pressing down and writing on the paper.  He couldn't find the indentation and reluctantly agreed that these letters do qualify for bulk mail postage rates!

yellow letter, astrobright envelope

The secret of the yellow letter is it’s personal appearance. It is a “pattern interrupt” marketing piece that makes you stop when you get your mail. When people receive their mail they quickly sort into an A Pile (good stuff) and B Pile (recycle bin).  The incredible personalization of Yellow Letters virtually guarantee you will be in the A Pile and positioned to have your message read and understood.

Pssst... Want to know another secret?


When we designed our Yellow Letter product, we tried to use every trick in the book. We start by using an actual stamp, not a postal indicia. Then we use a fake cancellation to cancel the stamp and give it a first class look.  Normally bulk stamps just sit out there naked. 1st class stamps are the ones USPS cancels. So we do a fake cancellation to make it look like a first class letter. This is perfectly legal with USPS rules.

yellow letter, fake cancellation

Your Time is Too Valuable to Do this Yourself


As you can imagine, the process of writing, folding, stuffing, and stamping these letters is a time consuming but crucial part of your campaign. And Trigger Response can get it done faster and cheaper than anyway you could do yourself.


Our Yellow Letter service is no frills with no upselling or mandatory big minimum purchases. Buy only what you need, when you need it. (as long as you meet 200 piece minimum quantity for bulk mail as determined by USPS). But if you are willing to commit to a larger quantity, then we will reward you with even cheaper prices.


You simply order your letters, upload your mailing list, and we’ll take care of the rest.

The "handwritten" Yellow Letter is:


1. a letter with an authentic, almost real handwritten font that has even fooled the post office.
2. a personalized letter customized with content for that specific recipient powered by variable data digital printing
3. printed on old school yellow ruled paper or plain white paper.


And it is enclosed in an amazing 6″x9.5″ envelope that:
1. looks like a birthday card from grandma. Astrobright 6″x9″ envelope with same authentic handwritten font.
2. has a real stamp affixed to envelope.
3. has a ‘fake cancellation’ over the stamp so you get a first class look while paying bulk rate postage. This is secret but perfectly legal per USPS rules.


Your customers, prospects, constituents and donors can’t resist reading this letter!

yellow letter and envelope


  • 200-500 = $1.49 each
  • 501-1,000 = $1.19 each
  • 1,001-2000 = $0.79 each
  • 2,001-5,000 = $0.69 each
  • 5,001-10,000 = $0.59 each
  • 10,001-20,000 = $0.49 each
  • 20,001-50,000 = $0.39 each



8.5″x11″ Letter printed on 28# canary yellow paper stock, full color.  Can use any range of ink colors.  One-sided.  Letter is digitally printed with variable data content.


6″x9.5″ envelope.  Astrobright colors of lunar blue or planetary purple.


Includes data processing, digital printing, inkjet addressing, affix stamp, fold, stuff, seal, sort, tray and deliver to USPS.


Assumes list provided as CSV file.


Postage is extra. Exact postage to be computed at time list is received.  Assumes check written to “US Postmaster” for postage. If paying postage by credit card, then add 3.5% to the postage line item only.


Includes up to 30 minutes of graphic design and/or copywriting assistance.  Client may use one of our existing letter templates.  Anything beyond 30 minutes is billable at our regular rate.

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